Howdy!  This post contains everything you need to know about decorating for your amazing reception at the Timberlodge.

We offer a few items for your complimentary use: Black Metals Lanterns, Glass Cylinder Vases, Round Table Mirrors, & Round Tree Logs.  The two mediums you can never go wrong with: flowers, which will show up in the daylight, and candles, which will show up in the night.  Keep in mind, the tables fill up very quickly with food and beverage items: napkins, bread & butter plates,  flatware, water glasses, salad dressings, butter, salt & pepper, and more.

{Timberlodge} Dinner Table Set

Rectangular Dining Tables- 42″ x 62″
Black Metal Lanterns- 8″ tall, 5″ wide
Glass Cylinder Vases- 9″ tall, 3″ diameter
Round Table Mirrors- 12″ diameter
Round Table Logs- 2″ tall, 8″ diameter (each log varies slightly)

[one_half padding=”0px 8px 0px 0px”]Lanterns & Logs[/one_half]

[one_half padding=”0px 0px 0px 8px”]Vases & Mirrors[/one_half]


Candles are permitted given they are enclosed in a glass or container for the wax to drop into.  Candles are not provided for the Black Metal Lanterns, so you would have to bring those (must be in glass container).  Taper candles are not permitted.  We discourage tea lights and encourage votives, as they will burn for the duration of the event (frosted votives are especially pretty!).

Table Numbers
We offer two types of table numbers complimentary: Carved Barnwood and Silver Metal Stanchions.  If table cards have a picture or name, they still must have an assigned table number on them for our servers.

[one_half padding=”0px 8px 0px 0px”]Silver Metal Stanchions[/one_half]

[one_half padding=”0px 0px 0px 8px”]Barnwood Table Numbers[/one_half]


Escort Cards or Seating Chart
Escort cards are used to inform your guests of their assigned table.  A few helpful hints- since the cards typically go in the front foyer, the opening and closing of the doors can cause a breeze to blow over the folding self-standing cards, so we recommend having something for the cards to be attached to to avoid scattering and confusion.  Escort cards should always be in alphabetical order (not by table number).  The names on the cards should be written in couples- Ex. “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, or “Rachel Brown & Guest”.  If having a plated dinner, escort cards should state guest meal choice on back.  Since the lighting in the Timberlodge is usually kept romantically dim, we kindly ask for no color codes please- for example, write- “beef”, “chicken”, “fish”, or “vegetarian”- this will help your guests remember what they ordered and help dinner service go more efficiently!  If you’re not having a plated dinner, we also recommend considering a seating chart in the place of escort cards.

Favors typically go on the bread and butter plate at each place setting at the dining tables.  An extra table can be provided if you wish to have them consolidated at one specific table for guests to grab.


Forgotten Places
A couple of fun places to add decorations to that are often overlooked:

  • Decorations for the Head Table (think “long and low”)
  • The window sills (they are 5″ wide & there are 13 altogether)
  • Centerpieces for the round outdoor patio tables
  • A tall permanent arrangement/decoration for the escort card table (guests take all the escort cards and then the table is empty- could use something that would remain throughout the whole event)
  • Something for the restrooms (bathroom baskets, arrangements, etc.),
  • Something to hang on the front doors (wreaths, swags, letters, etc.- there are 2 doors so you would need double of something- we have the door hooks)
  • The cake table and the card/gift table-  extra loose flowers, in particular, to place around the base of the cake or card box are a lovely touch

[one_half padding=”0px 8px 0px 0px”]Outdoor Centerpieces[/one_half]

[one_half padding=”0px 0px 0px 8px”]DSC_0516_zpsb21e32bd[/one_half]

[one_half padding=”0px 8px 0px 0px”]Winter Door Swag[/one_half]

[one_half padding=”0px 0px 0px 8px”]Windowsills[/one_half]


Confetti, artificial flower petals (real flower petals are permissible), or the likes are not permitted; we want to keep the golf course as green and eco-friendly as possible.  Hay bales are not permitted.  Sky lanterns are not permitted.  Gum is not permitted (used as favors, on a candy table, bathroom basket, etc.).  Real candles are fine, as long as they are votives enclosed in some sort of glass or container (ie- no taper or pillar candles).  No nails, thumbtacks, staples, tape, adhesive command hooks, or the likes can be used to setup decor indoors or outdoors- all items must be hung or tied so the facility stays beautiful for many to enjoy for years to come.

The Timberlodge will place commonplace reception items when pre-assembled and ready for placement: centerpieces, favors, card box, toasting flutes, cake knife, guestbook, seating chart, and/or escort cards, as long as everything is assembled and ready for placement.  Escort cards must be in alphabetical order.  Any decorations over and above the essentials that require extraordinary setup, or any ceremony decor would be your responsibility.  The venue will not be ready for setup and placement of your items until the morning of the event.

Arrival & Departure of Items
For the most part, all items brought in for the event (such as non-perishable centerpieces, table runners, favors, escort cards, seating chart, guestbook, card box, cake knife, toasting flutes, and/or etc.) are able to come in a few days prior (usually on the Wednesday or Thursday prior)- you would schedule this time with us beforehand.  All dessert items such as the wedding cake or pre-trayed cookies would have to come the day of the event, as well as perishable centerpieces and decor (such as real floral designs).  All items brought in from off-site must leave the premises at the conclusion of the event.  We recommend appointing a trustworthy friend or family member to be responsible for retrieving all of your items off the premises and making sure they are safely returned to you!

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Photo Credits: Image A courtesy of Daniel Mohr Photography/Image B courtesy of Lydia Maybee Photography/All other photos courtesy of the Timberlodge


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